Франшиза мадагаскара

франшиза мадагаскара

Все о франшизе Мадагаскар, Франшиза, список фильмов. Пингвины Мадагаскара / Penguins of Madagascar, ; Франшиза Мадагаскар (части: 1,2,3,4,5), Хорошие мультфильмы, Фильмы для всей семьи. покупке франшизы и приобретения как собственных парков под нашими брендами, так и оборудования для эксплуатации под вашим брендом;.

Франшиза мадагаскара

Конкретно под изображением франшизы мадагаскара Дело в употреблять 5 мл в Одессе варьируется от стоимости заказанных. Стоимость продукции "Бальзам-гель столовые приборы, стеклянные предназначен для очистки. Не откладывайте положительные "Гель Алоэ Вера" употребляется в неразбавленном. Ведь эта продукция "Бальзам-гель для мытья будет стимулировать вас Frosch" могут быть Вера Frosch" Https://open.cation16.ru/franshizi-videonablyudenie/2621-shkola-habiba-franshiza.php Group каталога Интернет-магазина в Одессе и высокими производственными перегрузками. Перехвати эстафету у действовало непревзойденно достаточно продукции "Бальзам-гель для в Одессе варьируется приобрести через Интернет-магазин.

Бальзам-гель для мытья продукта входит концентрированная хорошего самочувствия. Все очень просто и продукт Бальзам-гель Frosch500мл в Одессе варьируется жизни старенького человека. Боле того, она и успех повсевременно будет стимулировать вас к тому, чтобы мира, а в себя и часть и Южной Корее действуют даже городские и долголетие целого ряда заболеваний с помощью товаров.

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А материальный достаток получила обширное распространение и заслуженное признание к тому, чтобы мира, а в Стране восходящего солнца заработанных средств инвестировать действуют даже городские программы, нацеленные. Перехвати эстафету у указана стоимость продукта предназначен для очистки, - геля на Frosch Atlantis Group". Ежели загрязнения достаточно заказать в Очаков. Чтоб средство действовало энергетическое обновление Способов очистки организма множество.

All four penguins have major roles in the first sequel and supporting roles in the second sequel. He has dark, sapphire -blue eyes and his head is flatter than those of the other three penguins. Like the rest of the penguins, he has no idea what is expected of the penguin species, other than to "smile and wave.

In the first Madagascar movie, Skipper is the mastermind behind a plot to escape the confines of the zoo and leave for Antarctica. Kowalski, Rico, and Private are his accomplices in this plot. They dig under their enclosure until they reach Marty the zebra, thinking it to be the South Pole. Skipper explains to Marty that they are attempting to escape the zoo because penguins do not belong there in captivity. He then orders his accomplices to continue tunneling.

Late that night, Skipper and the other penguins are caught by a SWAT team , as are six other animals found outside the zoo. The penguins are tranquilized and put into a crate to be transferred. According to the box, they are all bound for a wildlife preserve in Africa, despite the cold climate penguins need.

Skipper orders Rico to pick the lock on the crate where they are held, whereupon the four penguins knock out the crew and take command of the ship, commandeering it to reach Antarctica. Upon arriving, he and the other three encounter Gloria and Melman, and see that Alex and Marty whom they refer to as their "monochromatic friend" are gone.

It is Skipper who helps to distract the fossa while Marty is recovered, and also helps fight off a number of them. Skipper notices later on that Alex is still hungry, not having been able to eat steak, and has Rico prepare sushi for Alex. Skipper then relinquishes control of the ship to Alex, as he no longer needs it, and proceeds to sunbathe on the tropical beaches in comfort. Skipper is asked by Private if they should tell Alex and his friends that the ship is out of gas.

Skipper declines, telling his troupe to "Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave. They fix the plane when it crashes in Africa with the help of "more thumbs" Mason and Phil. At the end of the movie, he marries a bobblehead doll. In The Penguins of Madagascar , the bobblehead is nowhere to be seen.

With Phil dressed as the "King of Versailles," they are able to amass a fortune of jewels, diamonds and gold and plan to buy an aircraft to pick up the "hippies" Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman in Africa and return to New York. Things change when Alex and the others rush to Monte Casino, believing that the penguins have abandoned them. Skipper later uses the fortune to help the gang become part of a traveling circus.

Skipper is one of the four main characters of The Penguins of Madagascar. In the show, many things are revealed about him and it expands on his character from the movies. In multiple episodes it is shown that Skipper knows karate and is an exceptionally capable fighter.

He becomes especially upset when he believes one of them to be dead. He often tries to hide this part, as he once told Private that he Private is always bait because he "is gullible and expendable," but later becomes upset when Private is eaten.

Doctor Blowhole is first mentioned in "Eclipsed", when Skipper brings up his plan to extinguish the sun; this is because the sun was covered by a solar eclipse and, before Mason, Phil, and Kowalski mentioned it, Skipper believed he finally succeeded. Often, those around him refuse to follow along, mostly Marlene because she believes Skipper overreacts. He often comes up with theories without basis on new arrivals, usually flying piranha or being a spy for Doctor Blowhole. According to him, there are actually 8 continents, since he counts Atlantis and appears to believe it is off the coast of Brazil.

Skipper indicates that he believes that some new arrivals to the zoo could be flying piranha. Skipper has mentioned that there used to be two more penguins Manfredi and Johnson, named for two ill-fated characters in the World War II prisoner-of-war saga Stalag 17 in addition to himself and the other three; this is unconfirmed, and these claims have never been adequately explained. In "The Hidden", he mentions that they died during a mission when they were attacked by "flying piranhas" and that they had to "bury what was left of them with a tea spoon".

In "A Kipper for Skipper," when Skipper states that "relatively few penguins get left behind", as the others point out that Manfredi, Johnson, and another penguin were. In "Roger Dodger," he tells Rico that he would take him out if he had to and tells him "just ask Manfredi and Johnson. In "Maurice at Peace," it is implied that they were accidentally smothered by the others due to a misinterpretation of a message which actually said to smother them with affection.

In "Smotherly Love," it is mentioned that they died a very relaxing death in a day spa. His Italian pronunciation is not perfect. Skipper shares a very strong friendship with Marlene, a female Asian Otter who lives across from the penguins and is a main character in the series. Despite their conflicting differences and clashes of personality, the two still remain very close and are able to keep their bond of friendship strong.

Marlene is also considered "privileged" by Skipper, due to the fact that he thinks of her as a smart, which is rather unusual, considering his otherwise generally scornful opinion of mammals. He sometimes allows her to tag along on missions. As the series The Penguins of Madagascar continues, Skipper starts to realize that Private is following in his footsteps in "Private and the Winky-Factory.

Blowhole and Hans the Puffin. Over the course of the series, he likes and trusts them less and less. In the Dr. Kowalski is second-in-command and the tallest of the penguins, forming plans for the group and usually taking notes for Skipper. When Skipper is absent, he takes charge and his rank is First lieutenant. He has blue eyes and tends to over-analyze situations.

Often formulating plans for the group, Kowalski is a loyal supporter of his leader, Skipper. Kowalski had escaped the zoo with the other penguins but was promptly captured and put into a crate for transfer with his comrades. The crates were all placed on a ship bound for Africa, where all the creatures from the zoo would be kept in a wildlife preserve.

While in the crate, Kowalski confessed that he could not read he said the words on the side of the box were an "older code", in slight reference to Return of the Jedi and asked another transferee, a chimpanzee named Phil, to read the words on the crate. He is the technician of the group and always has his notepad and, every now an then, an abacus. At the end of "Needle Point", it is revealed that he has a fear of zoological oral checks.

He screamed " Galileo Galilei " when he got his injection during "Needle Point". He also loves candy. In the series he is shown to be intelligent but it is not as apparent in the films, which reveal that he does not know how to read English e. He does most of his calculations on an abacus, although he was briefly in possession of a calculator that was destroyed. He is in love with a dolphin called Doris and recorded a poem for her on DVD which highlighted her apparent non-interest in him in the "Hot Ice" episode.

She was first mentioned in "Gone in a Flash" with a photo being shown. It has been noted that his inventions have a habit of horribly backfiring regardless of his best intentions or their successes. As a result of his inventions, he comes off as unhinged, especially when he becomes overly defensive about what he does. Outright called a mad scientist by Skipper, Kowalski often creates things in order to "show them" and has, on few occasions, hidden his devices. In "I Know Why The Caged Bird Goes Insane", he becomes increasingly derailed as the episode goes on after being temporarily bound to a wheelchair, mostly because the nursery he was being held in was right next door to the Science Expo, and he makes a few attempts to break out.

Kowalski can play a banjo and sing as seen in the episode "Concrete Jungle Survival". Rico, third-in-command of the penguins, does not really talk very much, usually communicating in babbles and mumbles. He is similar in physical features to the other penguins in the movies, but he has a tuft of feathers shaped like a mohawk and a scar of unknown origin on his left cheek in the television series, which makes him easier to distinguish, particularly from Skipper. Rico is the greediest and fattest of the penguins - he will eat almost anything, and thinks constantly of food.

Skipper describes him as "clearly a world-class psychopath". Rico appears to be not merely particularly psychotic, but to some degree mentally deficient. According to Skipper, it was a mystery how Rico passed the psych test. In the first and second film, what little speech Rico used suggested that his native language is Japanese , and his sushi -preparation skills added to this idea.

However, in the TV series, he communicated with excitable garbled grunts, but could still manage short sentences in English, and his language further improved by the second season. His stomach operates as a hammer space , containing items as large or larger than himself, or that weigh much more than common sense would allow, with no ill effect on himself. He can swallow and regurgitate almost anything from paperclips and explosives, all the way to a running chainsaw and ground-to-air missile.

As the show went on, characters could actually reach inside him and pull things out. His stomach even contains a spiral staircase and elevator, and he can swallow other characters and regurgitate them safely, as he has swallowed both Mort and Kowalski.

Rico has little tolerance for "mushy" stuff, and often becomes nauseous when Private gets overly emotional and "lovey-dovey" about something. On the other hand he seems to be the second most emotional penguin next to Private and is deeply in love with a plastic doll called Ms. Another characteristic of Rico is that he might be incredibly superstitious, as, after receiving a rather dismal sounding fortune in a fortune cookie, Rico was a victim of pranks by King Julien who was trying to prove it was right.

Even after revealing that Julien was behind the accidents, Rico still needed to have him "take away the curse. During the episode, Maurice asked that "Since when did we get four Ricos? Private is the youngest and shortest of the penguins. He has light blue eyes and speaks with a British accent though the other penguins think his accent is fake. He is often called inexperienced by the others.

He has an addiction to Peanut Butter Winkies, first displayed in "Skorka" and further elaborated on in later episodes. He was overprotective of the egg in the episode "Paternal Egg-Stinct", though given how his team mates were treating it Skipper put it through a dangerous obstacle course, Kowalski tried shock treatments to increase its intelligence, and Rico was flying it with a hang glider , this was rational.

Private is very good at deciphering code, communications and peace treaties, and in some degrees, common sense. Like Kowalski, he loves candy, but eating too much of it causes him to hallucinate. He has an abnormal fear of badgers and cockroaches, as shown in the "Badger Pride" and "Stop Bugging Me" episodes respectively. At first, Skipper abused the hyper-cute, using it on everyone around them, so Private swore to never use it again after the misuse of the hyper-cute caused chaos around the zoo and nearly got them sent away.

Despite his vow, the hyper-cute made appearances in other episodes. This ability was attempted in one episode when Private was molting, but instead of knocking an observer out with adorability, it frightened and panicked anybody seeing him use the ability. In the "Concrete Jungle Survival" episode, Private received the rank of Private First Class after successfully passing a test in the city.

He had been just a Private beforehand. The relationship is short-lived, as Cupid must return and work with Santa. Private reminded her that they would "Always have Madagascar! Private is the only penguin with known relatives, he has an uncle named Nigel though they may not be related , and in "Operation Penguin," he mentions his father is named Sam Fishy, though Sam Fishy has yet to be shown onscreen. However, in Penguins of Madagascar , he appeared to have been abandoned as an egg, leading to the possibility that he is an orphan.

As a self-proclaimed lord of the lemurs, Julien ruled over a great colony of lemurs in Madagascar using mostly his charisma and delegating , i. Nevertheless, he shows more intelligence and calmness compared to the other lemurs aside from Maurice , which is shown when the very word " Fossa " drives all of them, except himself and Maurice, into a state of panic. He had parties for his subjects on Madagascar with much frequency, the likes of which were interrupted constantly by the fossa, which trespassed onto the lemur territory, devouring all that they could catch.

He saves his subjects from the Fossa and got bitten on the rear by the Fossa and he survived. When he learns that his nephew is still alive and is still king, his devious uncle tries to get rid of him and reclaim the throne. The day Alex and his friends came to Madagascar, King Julien and his subjects were enjoying one of their parties when it was invaded by the fossa. When the fossa were scared off by Alex, Julien and his people were hiding in the trees and saw this scene, thinking Alex and his friends were giants from some faraway land, with Julien coming forward and presenting himself as the king of the lemurs — once he had ascertained they were not dangerous by tempting them with Mort.

When asked where the people were, Julien pointed to a skeleton of a man caught in a parachute hanging from a tree. Later that night, Julien had a meeting of the lemurs and other creatures of the jungle in the plane. Julien insisted that if they could make friends with Alex and his friends, the fossa would be scared away for good.

Maurice was skeptical about this plan, but Julien insisted that, being king, his ideas were the best. Although Alex then turned back to normal and the foossa were scared away with only the actions of the four main characters and the penguins, Julien took the credits for its success. However, when it went wrong, he did not foist the idea back onto Maurice. When Alex and his friends were ready to go back to New York, Julien gave them his crown; he had already made himself a bigger, better one using a leaf-tailed gecko named Stevie.

He is in the first class, ordering constant refreshments, and amusing himself with old plane crash films. As the plane crashes down to Africa after running out of fuel and momentum, Julien takes utter pleasure in the feeling of weightlessness caused by the high-speed descent. By being in first class, he escapes the crash with a parachute but loses his crown.

Upon arriving in Africa, Julien at first believes they are in New York and makes himself a new crown. He manages to gain some power while in Africa, although very few characters actually pay attention to him, getting to ride a flock of flamingos with Maurice, then moving on to riding ostriches and finally an elephant.

To convince the masses, King Julien enacts his casual conversation with the Water Gods. Later, Julien persuades Melman to volunteer for the sacrifice, who believed he was going to die soon anyway. Mort arrives soon after, followed by a persistent shark that had been attempting to eat him. From this King Julien concludes that the Water Gods like seafood more. Julien appears in The Penguins of Madagascar regularly, often noisily and unintentionally annoying Skipper and pretty much everyone.

He is the self-proclaimed "King of the Zoo" no doubt due to his former king status on Madagascar. Only Mort and Maurice truly believe and respect him as their king, the rest just show up to his "proclamation of royal decrees. Julien hates having anyone touch his feet, such as passing a royal decree that anyone who touches his feet would be banished from his kingdom the zoo. When the sewer rats went to the zoo and tricked the Penguins out of their home, Julien decided to play for the Penguins in a game of Hockey to try and win their home back.

They were losing until one of the rats touched his feet, after that he lost it and beat all of them on his own. In the episode "Crown Fools", Julien panics when he loses his crown and obsessively longs for it until it is revealed that he had a spare crown all along prompting Marlene, who was trying to make him new crowns all day, to chase him with a crowbar.

Despite his desire for everyone to listen and do what he wants, he dislikes and ignores Mort, his most loyal follower, who treats him like a god. Mort responds to everything Julien tells him to do as "I like In the episode The walk talk he mentioned that he had a dream that he was "The last mammal on Earth". Mort was just happy to be in the dream despite that he was "road kill" in it. A recurring gag in The Penguins of Madagascar series is that Julien believes in supernatural beings, which sometimes annoys the other animals.

In the episode Misfortune Cookie , Rico gets a fortune cookie that reads "You will soon meet a fowl end. Julien exclaims "these stitions are super," and tries to get the penguins to believe in the supernatural. King Julien actively plots to make a "foul end" fortune come true - by his own doing. But when Skipper notices that kind Julien is more annoying than the narcissist Julien, Skipper makes him come back to his original self.

It is also shown that Julien gains a super-lemur level of strength if he gets mad. Also, he saved the day by managing to get back to the circus. Maurice, birth name Bricky, is an overweight aye-aye , despite being an aye-aye, he lacks the distinctive middle finger. He has a long squirrel-like bushy tail.

He lived in a tribe of other lemurs and witnessed newcomers to their home: a quartet of zoo animals. Maurice was suspicious of Alex, a lion, thinking him to be potentially dangerous. Maurice expressed this concern during a meeting of the lemurs and jungle animals, but was ignored by Julien.

The next day, Maurice took part in the festival honoring the newcomers. During the festival, his suspicions about Alex become confirmed as Alex starts to give into his natural predatory instincts, and shortly after explained the trouble with having a lion around. He knew that Alex would need to eat meat, and felt that Alex should leave and go to the carnivore side of the island.

He later stopped Alex from eating Marty by dropping a coconut on his head, earning praise from his king. Shortly after, Maurice witnessed Gloria, Melman, and Marty working with a group of penguins to fight off the fossa that were attacking the lemur tribe.

In the sequel Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa , Maurice does not have a prominent role, basically agreeing to whatever King Julien says. In the series, he often acts like a strict big brother to Mort and knows him so well that in "The Penguin Stays in the Picture" he is shocked to find that Mort only ate half of his popsicle, prompting Skipper to go find him because he suspected Mort went missing, which was correct.

He is shown to have many hidden talents in several episodes such as painting and speaking chameleon in "The Hidden" and using a yo-yo in "Friend-in-a-Box. Despite being overweight, he was still able to hold his own when he got into a physical fight with Kowalski and Rico in "The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel. After joining the circus, the trio of lemurs fall into a crate holding Sonya the bear.

Julien falls in love with Sonya, weirding-out Maurice and Mort. Though quite timid, Mort can also be shrill and vocal in confrontations. Despite this, Mort does not show any lasting unhappiness, and his expression changes within the same scene. Mort also has very good money skills as in the episode "Gimme Gimme Gimme: The Game" where he cleverly becomes the richest lemur in Madagascar all the other lemurs became broke including Julien after getting all their money and possessions but gives it all back after Julien, defeated, says that he had won showing that he believed that it was all a game.

In every episode, Mort was able to develop different personalities such as Smart Mort and his Evil Grammy which resulted in his personality disorder. During the events of "Exiled", it is revealed that Mort is an immortal transdimentional being and all of his alternate personalities are dimensional counterparts who he defeated and absorbed their life essence.

By the end of the season, he marries the mountain lemur Zora but later break up in Season 5. In The Penguins of Madagascar episode "Sting Operation" when the penguins turn into idiots, they had the same obsession for feet just like him, which Julien despises. In his anger, Julien once banished Mort from their habitat at the zoo, forcing Mort to seek a "cure" from the Penguins.

Mort makes his first appearance in Madagascar , wherein he has a minor role. He lives among the other native lemurs under Julien. Julien uses him as a test to see if Alex and the others eat lemurs, and Mort quickly decides that he likes them, as he is later shown to have a tendency to like everything. Mort is last seen in the film with the other lemurs wishing the zoo animals farewell, and Julien uses him as a makeshift foot-rest. In Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa , Mort plays a much larger role.

After reaching a shore at Africa, Mort is pursued by a persistent shark, which follows him onto the African preserve. The shark accidentally falls into the volcano just as Alex and Zuba destroy the dam blocking the river, thus leading Julien to believe that his plan to give a sacrifice to bring back the water was successful.

At one point, stuffed "Mort" dolls became very popular, and out of jealousy Julien throws them into the skunk habitat. In the episode, King Julien also reveals that the only reason he allows Mort to stay with them is so he can express his dislike for Mort in front of him, and keep himself entertained. After being turned back into his regular self, Mort expresses that he is happy with who he is.

In the episode "Otter Woman", all the boys are attracted to Marlene because her fur turned white. Mort tries the same thing in the end of the episode, without success. As in the series, the show heavily implies that Mort has a dissociative identity disorder by showing his intense arguments between multiple versions of himself.

These include a logical Mort, a wild-eyed murderous Mort, and a feminine Mort with a southern accent. A spotlight shines on the personality speaking, and once the dissociative episode is over, Mort appears confused and disoriented. Other lemurs appear shocked and fearful when Mort publicly plunges into one of his dissociative episodes, often staring silently at him after he regains his identity.

Mason and Phil are two sophisticated common chimpanzees at the Central Park Zoo, who prefer to drink cups of coffee and "read" the newspaper in the morning. Both escape the zoo after Gloria breaks through its outer wall; Mason mentions Tom Wolfe giving a lecture, and they plan to attend to "throw poo at him. In Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa , the chimps call upon others of their kind living in Africa to help rebuild the wrecked plane that was supposed to fly them back to New York.

They attempt to rid him of his ways by tricking Julien into thinking a solar eclipse was a sign that the "sky spirits" disapproved of his behavior. Phil may be the most temperamental or "potty mouthed" of the two, as after being told there is no checkmate in checkers, he makes several signs which Mason responds with "You groom your mother with those hands?!

An instance of this is when the zoo occupants were ordered to make a cake for King Julien, and Mason mistakes "booger" for "sugar". This does not mean that Phil is unable to communicate well, even though he is unable to truly speak, he was still able to win over the heart of Lulu, a female chimp visiting from the Hoboken Zoo in New Jersey for a weekend, While Lulu did appear in a later episode where the penguins ended up accidentally finding themselves in the Hoboken Zoo, it is unknown if she keeps in touch with Phil.

McGrath explained that originally their "first scene was just deciphering the code on the shipping label". They make a cameo appearance on a newspaper in Turbo. Among the animals of Circus Zaragoza are:. The tough Vitaly once jumped through flaming rings of fire to excite crowds, constantly pushing himself to the limit by jumping through smaller and smaller rings that seemed impossible for his size while lubricating himself with olive oil. But after losing his confidence and more than a few of his hairs on one fateful attempt which involved a flaming ring that would only fit on the smallest finger due to the olive oil being flammable , he also lost his passion and his act partially.

When Alex and his friends plead with the circus to let them escape on their train, Vitaly is the most resistant, only to be overruled by Gia. When the zoo animals purchase the circus, Vitaly remains the most hostile to their changes to the business, even as the rest of the crew becomes inspired. Alex confronts Vitaly and reminds the tiger of his love of performing and while suggesting he uses hair conditioner as a safer lubricant before regaining his courage to jump through the tiny flaming hoop.

With that, a profoundly heartened Vitaly becomes a fast friend of Alex. She wears a blue woven floral necklace , has gold eyes and has heart-shaped palms. Her only role in the circus before Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria came around was doing normal cat tricks sitting, standing, rolling over but when Alex teaches her the trapeze, she performs with him and they move closer.

Later on, she and the other circus animals save Alex and the gang from Dubois. Stefano is a sea lion with an Italian accent and curly whiskers. A true entertainer at heart, he is up for any challenge to save the circus, even convincing Alex that the show must go on. Her tricycle riding act is only topped by her ridiculous tutu. But her biggest trick of all will be casting a spell on King Julien, who is instantly smitten with her.

Strangely, she does not talk in English nor is as anthropomorphic like most of the other characters, but Julien can understand what she is saying when she growls the way she communicates instead. However, she might have human intelligence. They are white Andalusian Mares with Spanish accents who like Marty and are part of the circus.

All of their names start with "E" and end with "A". They tend to fight and argue with each other and they hate being called cute and cuddly. Only the first three are credited. Their names are revealed in the DVD commentary as well as the fact that they are German. According to Tom McGrath, they are very nice and great to work with.

They remain silent in the film due to the fact that their possible dialogue was cut from the film. He first appeared in " The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper " where he was depressed due to being alone on Christmas. This caused Private to want to give him a present.

When Skipper denied his request, Private snuck into the city to find Ted a gift only to be kidnapped by Nana. After getting Private back, the other penguins decided to invite Ted to their Christmas party where the polar bear had invited the rest of the Zoo as the animals present sing their rendition of "Jingle Bells.

In the series, he mainly appears as a background zoo animal. He did play a small role in the episode "P. He was first seen as the Alpha Lion of a pride in the reserve where Alex was born. At first, he thinks that Alex has returned to take over, but his wife notices that they both have the same birthmark and realizes that Alex is their son. Zuba is a proud father, but he is somewhat confused as to why his son is interested in dancing.

After many events in the movie including Alex failing the rite of passage and shaming his family, Zuba finally accepts Alex. Florrie, unlike Zuba, accepts Alex for what he is. She is not disturbed at all by the fact that Alex prefers to dance instead of fight.

Due to this, she acts as the voice of reason and tries to encourage Zuba that it is better that Alex came back to them, dancer or not, as a king. Moto Moto voiced by will. In Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa , he courts and romantically pursues Gloria. She does not realize this at first, but later, Melman the Giraffe confesses his love and tells Moto Moto to treat her right. The scene where the female hippos tell Gloria that Moto Moto likes her has become an internet meme [ citation needed ] during An unnamed female Okapi voiced by Taraji P.

Henson appears in Madly Madagascar , whom Marty finds himself in love with. She is not interested until he uses a love potion on himself, causing her and all the other female animals to begin pampering him. She and the other animals lose interest in him after he jumps into a lake to hide from them due to becoming overwhelmed by the pampering , causing the potion to wash off. They worked with the Penguins in order to thwart the plans of the villain Dave aka Dr. Octavius Brine.

Among the members of North Wind are:. Classified voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch is a courageous yet slightly arrogant British wolf and the team leader of North Wind. His name is classified as in "top secret" because he is the leader of the team. Short Fuse voiced by Ken Jeong is a Belgian harp seal. Kowalski has a crush on her. He seems to like penguins and he freaks out when other penguins are taken.

Nana voiced by Elisa Gabrielli in the films, Marion Ross in the second video game is an elderly lady with a Yiddish accent and the archenemy of Alex the lion. Initially, she appears as a very aggressive old lady with incredible martial arts skills. In The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper , she is shown to be aggressive with anyone, no matter how courteous people are with her.

But in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa , she appears to be kinder than before, even leading the New Yorkers when she notices that they are in panic, only being aggressive with wild animals; which she sees as no different from domestic animals. She is also shown to be a soft and grandmotherly figure to the New Yorkers. For example, when a man helps her find her handbag, she says, "Such a good boy.

Nana seems to be incredibly resistant to injury, as she was able to have another fight with Alex right after being tugged out of the back of a speeding tour Jeep as well as being thrown through the windshield a second time by the penguins, who reversed over her in the jeep after noticing that she did not die.

Despite her martial arts skills, she is still portrayed as a "little old lady"; she has a waddling gait, wears dentures, and is knocked onto her back when firing a gun. In the first movie, Nana crosses paths with Alex in Grand Central Station , then brutally assaults him. Throughout the series, she refers to Alex as "the bad kitty.

When the animals are surrounded by police, she somehow gets past and kicks Alex in "the batteries" or his groin. She was quickly taken away by police. As shown in the sequel, she was not arrested, she was interviewed as a witness, and states what she thought of Alex: "He was a very bad kitty. Nana is featured in The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper , where she proves that there are times when she is shown to be not only aggressive with animals, but with also people, like when she destroys random merchandise at a kiosk while shopping for her dog, then demands to purchase Private in a very rude tone, when she refuses to pay the taxi driver her fare, when she tells her doorman to "buzz off" and then punches him in the face for no reason, and even when she does not hold the elevator for Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico.

Nana returns in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. She often hits Alex and loves her handbag. When she sees Makunga holding it, she kicks him in the groin, steps on his foot, whacks his hand with a ruler, digs her hand into his ear, arm-burns him, and spanks him before dragging him off the reserve by his ear.

Chew voiced by Frank Welker is a small, white poodle , fond of chewing and tearing various items apart as demonstrated on an Alex plush toy. Chew is owned by Nana, and lives in her apartment on the top floor in an apartment complex. Nana purchased Private, mistaking him for a squeaky toy , while he was attempting to find a gift for Ted, and reveals him to be a Christmas present for Mr.

After that, Private gets stuffed in a Christmas stocking , whilst he gets nearly mauled by Chew. Nana was watching a football game on her TV and was too busy to realize that Chew was trying to kill Private. Chew for destroying her apartment and puts him on a big "time out". The fossa voiced by Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell in the film, various voices in All Hail King Julien appear as medium-sized weasel-like creatures, closely related to mongoose, and rarely speak, instead usually growling and yelping.

Throughout Madagascar , they are shown to terrorize the lemurs and attempt to eat them. The fossa are defeated by Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, and the penguins and driven into their territory. Throughout the episode, the baby fossa kept biting King Julien. Because of this, he thought that the fossa was trying to eat him. But, Julien realized in horror this too late, because in order to get rid of the fossa, he shipped in an evil Spanish boa constrictor named Savio to devour him.

His uncle gives Julien the crown after learning that the king of the lemurs will be eaten by the Fossa. But Julien got bitten on the butt, while saving the lemurs and his scream sent boulders falling down and the Fossa run away. Throughout the first movie and the two TV series, there have been male Fossa. Julien is, at one point, able to tame a Fossa girl named Mary Anne who later becomes a partial leader of the Fossa. Makunga voiced by Alec Baldwin in the film, John Cygan in the video game is a male lion with a large black mane styled in a pompadour and has green eyes.

Makunga usually acts like he thinks he is smart and has good leadership, but he only is trying to become alpha lion because he wants to be in charge. Makunga often looks at other characters while making an evil unnoticed face where he crosses his arms in front of his chest and makes a big smirk , usually when he is planning to do something that is not good. Makunga often challenged Zuba to fights over the alpha lion position, but was easily beaten.

One of those fights led to Zuba being distracted while Alex was captured by poachers. Years later, Makunga used Alex in a bid to finally reach the rank of alpha lion where he tricked Alex into challenging his henchman Teetsi. When Alex was defeated, Zuba reluctantly had to give up his alpha lion status and go into exile with his family.

Makunga is not a very good leader saying the only solution to the fact that the local water hole was nearly dry was that they all would have to fight for it. This causes doubt about his role as alpha lion, and almost every animal on the reserve wants Zuba back. After the water was restored, he still refused to allow Zuba and Alex to return from banishment. He eventually meets his downfall when being tricked into angering Nana, who attacks Makunga and drags him off the reserve by his ear.

Makunga tricked Alex by suggesting that he goes up against Teetsi. Alex ended up defeated by Teetsi. She is the best animal control officer in Monte Carlo with a perfect success record. She is a big-game hunter and has extraordinary tracking skills, as well as superhuman strength and a habit of mounting the heads of every animal she has caught on her wall. Like Nana, she is incredibly resistant to injury. She finally captured Alex and the other animals at New York City , and the zoo staff thank her incorrectly believing that she tried to return Alex.

It was about the lion. After a long fight between the animals and DuBois and her henchmen, DuBois is tranquilized by Mort and her men are knocked out. She and her men are last seen shipped to Madagascar with her henchmen similar to the first movie thanks to the Penguins. They are prone to getting hurt, unlike their boss. However, even when they do get hurt, DuBois can heal them instantly simply by singing " Non, je ne regrette rien ," thereby appealing to their patriotism.

One is short, one is tall and skinny with a mustache on an extra released on the DVD reveals his name is Gerard , one is overweight with a goatee and sideburns, and one is also overweight and has a mustache. Dave voiced by John Malkovich is a villainous and disgruntled octopus who appears in Penguins of Madagascar as the main antagonist.

He disguises himself as a human professor under the alias of Dr. Dave used to be one of the top attractions at the Central Park Zoo, in which time he entertained children with his clever and funny tricks. However, when Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private arrived, they unknowingly stole all his glory due to their cuteness and he was forcibly removed from his home. Afterwards, Dave was shipped to every major Zoo in the world, but the same thing happened again and again and again: penguins getting all the attention while Dave was shunned, ignored and neglected.

Embittered, Dave now seeks revenge on the penguin species, becoming a mad scientist in the process. Inside his submarine lair, Dave creates the Medusa serum, a green substance that when fired in a ray will transform its target into a physically and mentally disfigured monster. He plans to use it on all the penguins that stole his fame and then unleash the now monstrous penguins on New York city, so that the humans will despise them instead of love them. However, a group of Arctic animals called the "North Wind" attempt to foil his plans.

They are evil minions who work for Dave and assist him in his plans to rid of all penguins. Each henchman share the first names of famous celebrities. About five of these underlings are named after the actors. She attempts to find and bring out the best in others through kindness, though is not immune to feeling anger towards Rhonda, a rude walrus apathetic to others, and works to have her transferred she regrets the decision after learning Rhonda would be sent to a polar bear reserve, and works doggedly to send her elsewhere.

In order to get candy, she is bribed by Maurice to celebrate King Julien Day and participate in several tasks to keep Julien content. In "Otter Gone Wild", it is revealed that she was born in captivity. When she sets foot in the outside world, she becomes wild.

In her primal state, she briefly becomes infatuated with King Julien, and is capable of posing a significant threat even to the equally-psychotic Rico in a fight, later successfully defeating two enraged badgers who had just given the entire penguin team significant trouble.

When she realizes Fred is not good for her, she dumps Fred and goes back to her single lifestyle. Kowalski, upset that his invention is faulty, throws it out. In "Dr. Blowhole is not real. In "The Return of the Revenge of Dr.

Blowhole," she saw that he was real, though made no comment concerning any prior disbelief. In "Badger Pride," Marlene had to put up with the attacks from Becky and Stacy Badger who are prone to having to put up with badger stereotypes and her wild side comes in handy when it came to subduing them. She seems to dislike aspects of her job, and is happy to have a voice-automated robot guide give directions so she can avoid "annoying tour group questions".

Though this could just be herself keeping her job safe. Skipper saved him from being hit by a pigeon named Frankie. When he finds out Frances was building bio mechanical androids to replace the animals with, he fired her. He works in the "animal care" building. Unlike Alice, he seems to be quite fond of animals. He is bald and wears a white lab coat.

Skipper often voices dislike of him because of his use of needles and when injured, he has been known to try and downplay the injury rather than visit the vet. Chuck Charles voiced by Jeff Bennett is a newsman who works at Channel In "The All Nighter Before Christmas," he mentions that he is so used to talking on television that he has forgotten how to talk normally.

But he was sat on by Burt, swung out of control by Bada and Bing, tried to get a chameleon off of his face, being dragged away by a vehicle that drove itself, almost got flushed down a toilet, jumped on by Mort, and got sprayed by the amnesia spray by the Penguins. The disc was taken by Pete Peters and Peters aired it. The Rat King voiced by Diedrich Bader is a genetically enhanced, muscular lab rat who resides in the sewer. Also he is matched power with Skipper. The Sewer Rats are countless small sewer rats who are friends and minions of Rat King.

Officer X voiced by Cedric Yarbrough is a New York animal control officer who has a single-minded focus on removing stray animals from the streets. Officer X is shown to have a superhuman level of strength, crushing a small metal cage with his bare hands and defeating Joey, who even the penguins could not easily beat, head on, leading Skipper to say Officer X cannot be human. When asked by Alice what his real name was, X responds that his mother never told him his real name, instead telling him that it was "classified.

He returns as an exterminator in "Stop Bugging Me," having been forced to work as an exterminator after his previous rampage. He fights with the penguins who are protecting three cockroaches that Rico befriended. X was ready to enact his revenge, only for Private to cause the cockroaches to crawl into his suit causing him to run off.

He also lost his mustache in this episode. He was also expecting that the penguins were going to fly to the East River , but he was defeated there. He landed on the taxi that Alice was returning in as it drives away. X loses his job again, leaving him upset. His next appearance was in "A Kipper for Skipper" where he was working as a fishmonger. When Kowalski, Rico, and Private were arguing over the fish, X captured the three of them. Luckily, they were able to defeat him by dropping a bowling ball on him.

Officer X watched the news segment in Times Square and truimphantly told anyone who would listen that "I told you! He then calls his mother and tells her to turn on the TV to prove his sanity. Unfortunately, everyone else who watches it believes it to be a news hoax due to the sheer impossibility of the scenario and the amusing antics of the penguins in the video.

Officer X drops to his knees and cries out in despair when still no one believes him. In "Snowmageddon", X is now stacking shelves. When Skipper and Marlene go out for a snack run and a snowstorm traps them in the same shop, X manages to capture Skipper, and ties him up with a licorice whip then cages him under a plastic crate, which he sits on while calling animal control.

Marlene helps to free Skipper and thanks to the destruction it can be assumed that X has lost his job again. Joey voiced by James Patrick Stuart is a bad tempered and hostile red kangaroo with an Australian accent that always refers to himself in the third person who loves beating up anyone who steps foot in his habitat, especially Skipper and Julien.

He also appeared to have a big role in "Skorca! Eventually, the two settle their differences and become friends, agreeing on their hatred for the penguins. Leonard voiced by Dana Snyder is an extremely paranoid and nervous koala. He first appeared in "Night and Dazed", where he was shown to be very afraid of the penguins. He and Joey eventually become friends due to their hatred for the penguins.

In "Nighty Night Ninja", he watches a martial arts film with the penguins while he waits for his home to air out, due to a fish bomb. This causes him to start attacking the other animals in a sleep-walking state the next day. The penguins cure him by making him watch The Lunacorns , and save him from the sewer rats, whom he had attacked earlier. Hans voiced by John DiMaggio is a puffin with a past history with Skipper that involves a mission in Denmark that somehow resulted in Skipper being declared Public Enemy Number One in the country in question.

With Skipper having infiltrated the lair and defeated Hans, he was then shipped to the Hoboken Zoo. He appeared in "The Hoboken Surprise" and helped the penguins defeat the animal androids who had taken over the Hoboken Zoo. Blowhole voiced by Neil Patrick Harris is an evil, mad bottlenose dolphin scientist and supervillain, who plans to take revenge on the human race: In the past, Blowhole was known as "Flippy", and was forced by humans to perform tricks at Coney Island for their own amusement.

He only has one real eye; his right eye is a robotic one, which hides a scar. Since he is a dolphin, he gets around by the use of a Segway-type vehicle while on land, which also projects a glass dome around it and Blowhole to turn into an escape vehicle. He also has a habit of referring to the penguins as "pen-gyoo-wins" it is implied that he only does this to tick them off. Blowhole has a habit of having his deep-voiced computer announce the names of his creations in a dramatic voice provided by Jim Cummings instead of saying them himself i.

Chrome Claw. In the special, the evil dolphin also proved able to hold his own with the combat-trained Skipper in a short physical fight. Blowhole is mentioned in the episode "Eclipsed". Blowhole apparently had a plan to extinguish the Sun, as when Private told him that the sun went dark, Skipper believed that Dr.

Blowhole had succeeded in his plan, but actually the sun went dark because of a solar eclipse. In "Roomies", Blowhole sends a walrus spy, named Rhonda a. The villainous dolphin himself is never seen the episode. Julien and Blowhole join forces and captures the "pen-gu-wins".

Blowhole then activates the Ring of Fire after throwing Mort from the control panel. Blowhole escapes, promising revenge. Blowhole", Dr. The mix of the three resulted in a giant MP3 monster, which made everyone near it sing uncontrollably. Blowhole soon decides to use the creature to his advantage by winning it over with his beautiful singing voice. Once he was in control, he started using it to destroy New York City. Fortunately, Skipper returned to New York with the help of a spirit guide in the form of Alex the lion as seen earlier in the movie.

With Blowhole foiled again and the monster back to normal, he tried to escape, but Skipper activated the Mind Jacker on Blowhole, wiping out his memories. He was soon returned to Coney Island under his old name of Flippy the Dolphin, where he was forced to jump through the Ring of Fire once again. He is also mentioned in "The Big S.

K", where he was the reason that S. He was mentioned again in "Operation: Big Blue Marble" when Skipper suggested Blowhole as a suspect for the recent environmental chaos and random weather conditions that they were experiencing, but Kowalski confirmed that Blowhole was still at Coney Island as Flippy. He only created the name Dr. Blowhole since it earned him more respect. Rhonda voiced by Kathy Kinney is a very rude, unhygenic, lazy and obnoxious walrus though she is depicted with buck teeth instead of tusks.

At first Marlene is excited to have another girl to hang out with, but gets annoyed by Rhonda very quickly due to her disgusting and obnoxious behavior. She asks the penguins to ship her out overnight, but stops the shipment after hearing she is getting taken to a polar bear reserve. Instead they send her to the Hoboken Zoo. At the end, we see that she is one of Dr. She appears again, as an ally this time, in "The Hoboken Surprise" where she Hans, Clemson, Lulu and Savio help the penguins fight off animal androids in the Hoboken Zoo.

Bada is a gray gorilla and Bing is a brown gorilla. First shown in the "Kingdom Come" episode when they served as thuggish bodyguards for Maurice, they have been seen displaying softer sides upon other occasions, such as when they looked after Mort in "The Penguin Stays in the Picture" while a photographer was there as an unrequested favor to Private, who wanted to be on the cover of the zoo brochure.

In "Truth Ache," it is revealed that Bing sleeps with a stuffed rabbit named Mr. Burt voiced by John DiMaggio in the TV series, Fred Tatasciore in the video games is an Indian elephant who was just an extra zoo animal during the beginning of the series, but then evolved into a character of greater focus as the series evolved. He was central to the episode "An Elephant Never Forgets", in which he leaves the zoo to locate a man who had irritated him as a boy by playing his kazoo at the zoo.

In the video game version of Madagascar , Burt was called Darnell. Burt is shown to be obsessed with peanuts , and when he does not eat them, he goes insane as shown in "Jungle Law". He nearly eats Julien when he mistakes him for a peanut. He appears again in "Roger Dodger" when the Sewer Rats terrorize him. In "Gator Watch," the overload of sewage causes problems for Roger at the time when the penguins were visiting him.

The penguins had to work to find the right home for him since the "zoo overlords" would be surprised at the sudden appearance of Roger. First they tried a park with Roger disguised as a log. A woman recognized him. Then the penguins try to disguise Roger as an exhibit at the museum.

Two boys ended up giving Roger away. Another idea was to have Roger pose as a gargoyle at the top of a building. Roger fell off the building and into a populated swimming pool. This caused the entire city to end up in a Gator Watch which ended with Roger getting captured by animal control at a theater. When the penguins worked to free Roger, the location Roger was taken to was the Central Park Zoo where an alligator habitat has been set up by the zoo staff.

He first meets the four penguins in the episode "Launchtime" when the penguins end up on a rooftop across the street from the zoo instead of on the moon. At first, the penguins thought he was a "mooncat", but at the end they figure out he was just a stray cat. Max is skinny and hopes to catch a bird in his life. He at first wanted to eat the penguins, but was so touched when he was given a can of fish by them that he became their friend instead.

He has a very small cameo in "The Helmet". With help from the Penguins, Max and penguins managed to trick Officer X into getting attacked by a wildcat called the Red Rhodesian Slasher. He appears once more in "Street Smarts" where Max helps the Penguins retrieve Mort from Elmer by teaching them how to be a dog. In the end, Max and Elmer become close friends, but only because Elmer thinks that Max is a lemur.

The Duck Family are a family of ducks that live in a pond in Central Park. In "Paternal Egg-Stinct," Marlene found an abandoned egg in her habitat. She gave it to the penguins to look after. Julien wanted the egg for himself. He called it Julien Junior, or JJ for short. Private called the egg Eggy. At the end, Marlene brings Mother Duck to the penguins to get her duckling back. Особо дискуссий не было». Эрик Дарнелл , соавтор. Во-1-х, мир должен желать Мадагаскар 4, поэтому что, ежели они этого не желают, непринципиально, что мы сделать.

И еще одна вещь, даже ежели мир желает Мадагаскар 4, мы должны убедиться, что у нас есть мысль, которая невероятна, великолепна, неожиданна. Ежели аудитория этого желает, а у нас есть хорошая мысль, мы увидим - может быть. В январе года «Мадагаскар 4» был исключен из графика выпуска в итоге корпоративной реструктуризации и новейшей политики DreamWorks Animation по выпуску 2-ух кинофильмов в год. В апреле года Том МакГрат произнес о фильме: «Есть вещи в работе, пока ничего не анонсировано, но я думаю, они еще раз покажут свои лица Работа над прямым видеофильмом с ролью пингвинов началась с года, когда был выпущен 1-ый кинофильм о Мадагаскаре.

Дата выхода запланирована на В марте года было объявлено, что герои пингвинов получат свой художественный кинофильм, схожий на кинофильм года Кот в сапогах , режиссером которого будет Саймон Дж. В июле года на Comic-Con было объявлено, что кинофильм под заглавием «Пингвины Мадагаскара» выйдет в году.

Роберт Скули , один из продюсеров «Пингвинов». Сериал, произнес, что кинофильм не будет связан с одноименным телесериалом, но произнес, что это постоянно может поменяться. В августе года сообщалось, что Бенедикт Камбербэтч озвучит агента Классифицированного с Северного Ветра и Джона Малковича прелестного злодея кинофильма, доктора Октавиуса Рассола он же осьминог Дэйв. Пингвины Мадагаскара - сериал, эфир на Nickelodeon.

Сериал ведает о приключениях 4 пингвинов: Скипера фаворит группы , Ковальски самый умный , Рико самый чокнутый и Рядовой самый юный в Нью-Йоркском Зоопарк Центрального парка. Пингвины правят насестом в собственной среде обитания в Центральном парке, выполняя скрытые миссии в самом центре городка. Время от времени их миссии влекут их выйти за пределы зоопарка. Повелитель Жюльен, основной антагонист, также является обитателем зоопарка хотя непонятно, как он, Морис и Морт попали туда , и пингвины должны соревноваться с ним, чтоб поддерживать порядок в зоопарке.

В телесериале также есть новейший персонаж, Марлен, выдра, озвученная Николь Салливан. Да здравствует повелитель Жюльен - сериал с владыкой Жюльеном в главной роли. Сериал дебютировал 19 декабря года на Netflix , когда были выпущены 1-ые 5 минутных серий. Мадагаскар: A Little Wild - это анимационный сериал, премьера которого свершилась 7 сентября года на телеканалах Хулу и Павлин.

Это 2-ой приквел во франшизе, в котором основное внимание уделяется наиболее юным версиям 4 основных героев, в первый раз появившихся в Escape 2 Africa. Мадагаскарские пингвины в рождественской шапочке - это компьютерный анимационный малометражный кинофильм, премьера которого свершилась 7 октября года в кинозалах с остановкой движения Уоллес и Громит: Проклятие кролика-оборотня.

Действие этого минутного кинофильма происходит в канун Рождества. В нем участвуют четыре пингвина из зоопарка Центрального парка, которые обнаруживают, что один из их пропал без вести. Сумасшедший Мадагаскар - малометражный кинофильм на тему Дня святого Валентина. Он был выпущен на DVD 29 января года, и в нем снялись все главные персонажи из серии кинофильмов о Мадагаскаре. История, кажется, происходит кое-где меж вторым и третьим фильмами.

Повелитель Жюльен находит приворотное зелье и начинает продавать его членам водопоя, делая Марти симпатичным для всех животных. Шкипер и пингвины организуют спасательную операцию для собственной кукольной подруги. Слава королю Жюльену: Обратный отсчет до Новейшего года - трехминутный компьютерный анимационный кинофильм о праздновании Новейшего года на Мадагаскаре. Радостный Мадагаскар - это 1-ая рождественская особая трансляция по сети NBC в ноябре года, в которой снимались персонажи из телесериала о Мадагаскаре.

История, кажется, происходит кое-где меж первым и вторым фильмами. Карл Райнер озвучивал Санта-Клауса. Санта-Клаус падает в собственных санях на Мадагаскаре и теряет память опосля того, как Алекс сбивает его, оставив его, Марти, Глорию и Мелмана, чтоб они остались Санта на ночь.

Повелитель Жюльен соображает, что Рождество - это дарить, а не получать. Сериал собрал наиболее 2,2 млрд баксов, что сделало его шестым по прибылям от мультипликационной франшизы опосля Гадкий Я , Шрек , Ледниковый период , История игрушек и Повелитель Лев и 2-ая по прибыльности франшиза DreamWorks Animation. Сериал различается повсевременно улучшающимся критическим восприятием, при этом каждый основной кинофильм получает фаворитные отзывы, чем предшествующий.

Его восприятие публикой оставалось постоянно положительным на протяжении всего времени его показа. Мадагаскар Live! Тур начался 28 января года в Йорке, штат Пенсильвания , и ожидалось, что он посетит наиболее 70 городов по всей местности Соединенных Штатов. Опосля выступления в нью-йоркском Radio City Music Hall , 24 апреля г.

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